eMusic To Add Universal Music Group, Change Pricing

Universal Music Group has licensed its catalog to eMusic, making it the third major record label available to the store. In November, the additional 250,000 UMG tracks will be available to subscribers only. There will be also be a new currency pricing structure.

Most of the albums will be priced from $5.19 to $8.99, with most single track prices ranging from $0.49 to $0.89 for “tracks that generally sell for $1.29 at iTunes.” Existing subscribers will also incorporate the new pricing plans, but will be given a “loyalty bonus” based on tenure and the type of plan.

To the customer, the price change allows for an easier way to determine the amount of credit(s) unused. Currently unused credits do not roll over at eMusic, but with the new pricing structure, it is easier to determine what credits are left and quick ways to redeem them.

For more information:

Billboard.biz Bulletin – October 13, 2010