Wade Robson Wins An Emmy For "So You Think You Can Dance?" - Outstanding Choreography

Ultra-choreographer Wade Robson can now add Emmy winner to his long list of accolades. Robson took home an Emmy for Outstanding Choreography for his work on the hit Fox television show, So You Think You Can Dance. The Emmy comes as no surprise to fans of the show, who routinely rave when dancers perform his pieces.

Robson earned the Emmy for choreographing the piece "Ramalama" from the show's second season. The piece, which was first danced by the top nine dancers, proved to be the most popular among the dancers and fans alike, and was brought back and performed by all 20 dancers in the show's finale to critical acclaim. It's clear that Robson is a talented choreographer. However, Robson's talent has blossomed precisely because he has never limited himself to choreography.

Robson parlayed his talent as a dancer and choreographer into a multi-faceted entertainment career and fame and fortune that eludes typical choreographers. Wade Robson is represented by Los Angeles entertainment attorney Helen Yu. Yu, who has helped Robson secure deals in diverse areas including cinematography, tv and film production, original dance music production, his own MTV show, his own line of shoes, and the coup de grace, a three-picture director deal with Disney. While other choreographers may have stood content choreographing dances, Robson has become a household name by consistently taking advantage of opportunities.

Helen Yu says, "For Wade, choreography is his first love, and this has helped him on a global scale in front of millions of fans on SYTYD. With Robson's talent and his worldwide exposure, I knew it was only a matter of time before he took home an Emmy."