Hollywood Reporter: Don Henley Sues; T. Rex Bangs; Wyclef Jean Wins

"Rolan Feld, the son of T Rex frontman Marc Bolan, has obtained 144 copyrights connected to the band's songs, including those on the album “Electric Warrior” like "Get It On (Bang A Gong).” In July 2013, Feld sued publisher Westminster Music Ltd. for ownership, on the basis that rights revert to an author’s heirs when the author dies during the initial copyright term. Feld's case then got a big boost when the U.S. Supreme Court earlier this year addressed another reversion case — involving the classic film Raging Bull — and limited the application of laches (a defense based upon the prejudicial effect of a plaintiff's delayed filing) in intellectual property cases. The parties then worked out a settlement with the result leading to the return of copyrights to the Feld family. Feld was represented by Helen Yu and other attorneys at ‎Gradstein & Marzano, the same firm that is litigating some of the pre-1972 lawsuits on behalf of the Turtles."

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