Huge Congratulations to YG, TY$ & DJ Mustard!

YG and Ty$ are co-writers of the Billboard Hot 100 megahit, "Young & Wild & Free" an anthem of liberation & a flat out good time performed by Snoop Dogg & Wiz Khalifa featuring Bruno Mars. The song debuted #1 on iTunes in October 2011 & has been a consistent Billboard Top 10 (currently #7) on the Hot 100. 

"YG," is one of Los Angeles' premier rising hip hop superstars. He is currently on a nationwide tour with "Tyga," bringing his own brand of unique swag to the stage. YG continues to be a tastemaker of the new West Coast sound which is fast becoming a movement. YG was signed to Island Def Jam by well respected music exec, Max Gousse, who has been a supporter since the begining of YG's breakthrough radio hit in 2011 with "Toot It and Boot It." YG is managed by veteran managers Stampede (who also manage Snoop) & published by Rondor Music. His recent single "Snitches Ain't Shit" features Snoop, Nipsey Hussle & Tyga, and followed up with the release of equally edgy "I'm Good" which promises to be a radio fav!

"Ty$" is a much sought after Los Angeles based recording artist and producer, well versed in incorporating his own style of classic melodies and club banging beats. Ty$ says, "Snoop came up with the concept for Young, Wild & Free, which is based on a melody in 'Toot It and Boot It' which Snoop liked to sing to his kids. He was in the studio one night and created this new song, which has been blessing for both YG and I." Ty$ recently signed with Big Jon of EMI Music Publishing. 

DJ Mustard produced this year's mega chart topper "Rack City" by Tyga and audiences can't keep it off their tongues! DJ Mustard, a Los Angeles based producer is quickly making his mark as one of the best new producers in music today. Mustard notes, 'I met Tyga through YG. From there, I made a beat for Rack City on a Wednesday in 10 minutes. Sometimes you know its right especially when it feels right.' DJ Mustard also produced the 2 follow up singles for YG, "Snitches" and "I'm Good."

Helen Yu - "It's exciting to be working with this group of extremely talented artists, producers & writers. It's been a long time since we've seen a group of friends all from the West Coast (specifically LA), who are top notch level creatives such as YG, Ty$, DJ Mustard, Tygaand all their other friends, who are the nucleus of this new West Coast sound and movement. I'm really proud to be working with them."