The Billboard 2012 Power 100

On January 28, 2012, Billboard announced their list of the most powerful people in the music business, the Power 100.  Basing their rankings on a combination of key components including market share, exclusive Billboard chart data/boxscore information, and revenue, Irving  Azoff landed the #1 spot on the list.

Irving Azoff controls the world’s largest concert-promotion company, ticketing company, and artist management firm.  Azoff’s success as a movie producer, agent, promoter, label CEO, label owner and publisher has pushed him to #1 on the Billboard Power 100.

The powerful people on this list represent a variety of areas in the music industry.  There has been a “general trend in power, away from record labels and over to the management and touring side of the business.” 

The Power 100 was filled with 23 people in management or the touring business, 10 executives in television or movies, six digital service provides, and five companies that use music for branding purposes and provide tour and artist sponsorship opportunities, to name a few.  Artists on this list include Jay-Z and Beyonce as a power couple, Taylor Swift, U2, Jon Bon Jovi, and Lady Gaga. 

Given the names and accomplishments for the 2012 Power 100, we look forward to the new innovations and changes these people and many others will bring to the music business.


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