It's Bigger Than Kesha

Helen Yu Leseberg was featured in a March 9, 2016 i-D magazine article discussing the Kesha and Dr. Luke case.

However, entertainment attorney Helen Yu advises it's a difficult territory to traipse into legally. "This is the music business; it's not just putting out widgets," Yu explains. "Sony and Luke have a substantial business together. Luke is obviously angry. His position is that he's been accused of wrongdoing, his name has been maligned, he's been portrayed in the most horrible way as a rapist. This is damaging to his reputation. So he's dug his heels in like, I don't wanna let you go."

And then there's also the notion that this is in fact an unproven accusation, footnoted by a TMZ post of a video from 2011 where Kesha pre-sobriety is calmly denying any abuse. "She's been in and out of rehab, she's undergone a lot of psychotherapy, a lot of analysis," Yu adds. "I tend to believe when you're in those types of facilities and having the types of treatment that she's had, the raw emotions surrounding why you were self-medicating come to surface. If it happens to be that she was sexually and emotionally and mentally abused, it's definitely within the realm of possibilities." 

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